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If you are a company who would like to publish your job ads (vacancy) in our site, please pay attention for our terms and conditions as follows:

  • Job ads should be send in MS Word or text format without picture or table.
  • A company can send only one job ads in a week from the last job ads. If more than one job ads in a week, we would not publish it without notification
  • Please attention for structure of the job ads. It should contain opening information, job condition and email address in the last paragraph.
  • Please state the company name clearly and location, capital letter, otherwise we would not publish it without notification
  • We are not responsible for the content of the job ads. It is responsible of the company or person that submit the job ads to us.
  • Job ads should be submitted before 6 PM.
  • Job ads that is submitted after 6 PM or Saturday and Sunday and public or local holiday would not be published

Please email your detail information to our email address:

ONLY qualified job ads that related to HHRMA Bali will be published on our website.

Thank you.

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HHRMA Hotem Bali

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