Koomba Tabanan

HHRMA Hotel Bali – Koomba

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Company Profile : KOOMBA

Koomba is a farm residential property located in Tabanan. Koomba’s name is derived from Hatha yoga’s Kumbhaka or retention of the breath in pranayama.  Koomba is a place that enables healthy lifestyle choices. To deliver a long term solution to functional health and longevity. The residences are located on slope land with a river running through the property and a green house farm on site. Koomba’s natural landscape and biodiversity are abundant.

Housekeeping Job Description


  • Maintaining interior of rooms & buildings on a daily basis
  • Clean & maintain the cleanliness of guest’s rooms & common areas
  • Changing of linens & towels
  • Taking care of the indoor plants
  • Monitoring cleaning supplies and report to supervisor for any need of replenishment
  • Tidying up rooms & common areas
  • Making sure common areas bar & pantry are stocked
  • Water replenishment
  • Taking out trash
  • Reporting any necessary repairs


  • Detailed attention to cleanliness and organization
  • Adequate & good english for communications
  • Good interpersonal skills & attitude.
  • Experience in housekeeping or similar
  • Ability to take feedback and grow
  • Experience in gardening & taking care of plants is a plus

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