Jimu TOUR Legian

HHRMA Hotel Bali – Jimu TOUR

JIMU Tour – Bali is looking for the following candidate:

  • Operation Specialist

Job responsibilities:

  1. Maintain good cooperation with local merchants;
  2. Establish business operation rules and procedures;
  3. Responsible for merchant platform, merchant operations, through various means of operations;
  4. Research merchant behavior, develop product content communication strategy, tracking the effect of communication, and enhance business satisfaction;
  5. Responsible for business online and offline activities planning, active to promote merchant platform turnover.

Job requirements:

  1. Fluent in spoken and written Indonesian, Proficient in English or Mandarin;
  2. At least 1-2 years merchant operation experience, familiar with O2O transaction process;
  3. Familiar with merchant promotion on Internet;
  4. Strong writing skills and case design ability;
  5. Knowledge of O2O industry, store operation experience is preferred;
  6. Strong ability of independent thinking, analysis and problem solving, good communication, assistance and drive ability.

Send your CV with recent photograph and expected salary to:


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