Black Penny Villas, Restaurant & Spa Lombok

HHRMA Hotel Bali – Black Penny Villas, Restaurant & Spa

Black Penny Villas, Restaurant & Spa at Gili Terawangan Island…
Very comfort accommodation and spa delight guests who seek an authentic taste of local life without compromising on modern luxury. Our passion for creating thoroughly immersive environments will provide our guest with an enriching local experience that they can share with their families to create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our Open Positions are :

1. Resort Manager ( Code: RMBPGT ).
2. Assistant HK Manager ( Code: AHKBP )
3. Restaurant Manager ( Code: RMRBP )
4. FO Coordinator ( Code: FOCBP )

If you fit to our requirements and are interested in a great opportunity we encourage you to send your application and CV to :

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